Halfway into Mercedes-AMG HPP: 8 Items I learned so far

Halfway into Mercedes-AMG HPP: 8 Items I learned so far

As of April 2022, I am 7 months into my 12-month placement at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains. A couple of weeks ago, I changed rotations – gone from working for the Head of Department to working in the Structural Team: team that is responsible for developing the crankcase, heads and front cover for a more mechanical engineering orientated role.

Picture of myself next to Formula E trophies taken in mid-October 2021

Below are 8 items that I have learned from my time at HPP, concerning working in a team:

  1. Long-term healthy relationships with colleagues are more important that achieving short-term goals.
  2. One is unaware of what a healthy work-life balance looks like until it becomes very bad.
  3. Keeping your manager up-to-date with your progress will save you from uncomfortable future situations.
  4. Document everything, save everything.
  5. Priorities must be sorted at the beginning of the day.
  6. If someone asks you for a job, make sure this is agreed with your manager. Your manager is in the position of giving you tasks, not yourself.
  7. Always understand the what, why, when of each project.
  8. If a task has not got a specific deadline, is most likely not urgent.
  9. Bonus: evening walks recommended, especially in Brixworth during the golden hour. Pictures below.

I am not featuring any technical items due to company IP.


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