1999-2012: Early youth

Born on 14/08/1999 in Bratislava, Slovakia. As of young age, I became deeply interested in everything automotive: vehicle design and the underlaying technology. Creating custom models from Lego Technic became a great part life. This enabled me to understand concepts of gearboxes, differentials, suspension systems etc. I attended an art school for 6 years to enhance my drawing skills and took lessons from a automotive designer student. I tried out multiple sports: Golf, Ski, Parkour…

2012-2019: France

Being 12 years old, moving to France was my biggest challenge yet given that I barely spoke any French – this became very evident my first day at middle school (Institution Sainte-Marie in Belfort). After a couple of months and hours of working, I started slowly getting the hang of the language. In addition, I received great support from my now French friends. Finally, I managed to graduate from high school with an average grade of 18.2 out of 20 points, including a 18/20 in Mathematics and 19/20 in Physics – not too bad for someone that was recommended to re-do his grade when he first came to France! This was a significant confidence booster.

2019-Present: UK & University

Having received an offer from UCL, I decided to pursue my university education in the UK with a vision of one day to be working in Formula 1. In my first year of university, I immediately joined the UCL Racing Formula Student Team. Over time, I became more involved with the Mechanical Engineering department by co-founding the UCL Racing Clubs (more on that here) but also by working on medical projects with the UCL Ventura Team. I was already used to the living abroad life as a result of my move to France. For the 2021-2022 academic year, I undertook a year in industry at Mercedes-AMG HPP, therefore turning my F1 dream into reality and getting a foot into the door of the F1 Industry.